Bad ads aren’t a one-trick pony. Malware & redirects, non-compliant ads, privacy concerns & data leakage – ad fraud wears many masks, undermining the ecosystem from multiple angles at any given time.

Download The 2020 Guide To Blocking Bad Ads & Ensuring Ad Quality

But the fraudsters don’t have to win. Throughout our guide, we examine the topics & explain the solutions to the ad fraud crisis, including:

Types of Bad Ads

The 3 main forms of bad ads with examples & statistics

Evolution of the Crisis

How did we get to this point?

Scope & Severity

Where we are now, and where we're heading in 2020

Bad Ad Solutions

Effective solutions for every publisher & platform

The Big Picture

What the ad community & ecosystem can do in the fight

With The 2020 Guide To Blocking Bad Ads & Ensuring Ad Quality, you’re one-step closer to winning the war against bad ads.