Your ad experience is the final differentiator

Publishers and ad exchanges know an ad is a make-or-break experience. You can get it right and win more engaged visitors… or lose visitors for life and keep paying more to find new ones.


With Ad Lightning, your ad experience is as enjoyable as your content and website, leading to more repeat visitors and a better ad experience.


Total ad quality visibility from creative to ad impression

Give your Ad Ops teams and leadership complete visibility into every ad through the entire lifecycle — in a single platform. Pre-flight scans ensure creative meets guidelines and we quickly stop ad quality from going south by watching every impression — live.

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Ad Quality: The New Growth Formula

Get true visibility — into the quality of every single ad across your network — in a single solution so you can proactively address risks, ad violations, and compliance challenges before it impacts your bottomline.

Stop Malware

Find ads that are compromised with malware, malicious behaviors or embedded viruses.

Ad Experience

Identify ads that autoplay, redirect users to other websites or feature content that's inappropriate.

Stay Compliant

Ensure all ads comply with industry standards, brand guidelines, and approved media formats.

Ad quality is eating up more revenue than you realize. At any given time 28% of all ads on the internet are malicious, suspicious, or non-compliant. Even one poor quality ad can impact the experience of thousands of site visitors impacting the reputation of publishers and exchanges.